Uranium and nuclear power provides economic benefits


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Key Messages


An Australian listed uranium company

The rest of the world requires sustainable safe, long term suppliers of nuclear fuel and this includes Australia's uranium

Manhattan focused on uranium exploration and resource development

Manhattan seeks and reviews uranium resource projects and corporate opportunities world wide

Key Value Drivers


  • Address’ climate change
  • Are a competitive base load energy source
  • Safest source of energy known to man
  • Is clean, green, nonpolluting and carbon free
  • Provides security
  • Lowest emission form of base load power
  • Provides economic benefits
  • Effectively a renewal source of energy
  • Is stand alone and does not require government subsidies
  • Rapidly expanding grids and a sustainable energy of the future
  • Only energy sector that manages, contains and stores its own waste
  • Waste is stored safely and is benign in human time frames
  • Is a major contributor to the world’s clean energy needs in over 35 countries

Uranium is used in our everyday lives in science, medicine, smoke alarms, airline industry and X Rays

The sun is a nuclear reaction in progress

Radiation is natural and an essential part of all life on the planet

Energy consumption always increases with increases in standard of living

There are 441 nuclear power stations now operating worldwide

There are 72 nuclear power stations under construction (29 in China)

There are 152 new nuclear power stations in the advanced planning stage

There are 337 new nuclear power stations proposed

31 countries have nuclear power, another 15 countries are planning or proposing to build nuclear power stations

There are 200 nuclear powered ships and submarines

There are 280 nuclear science, research and medical reactors operating

Is a shortfall in uranium supply looming?



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